海外向けSNS管理 Home introduction Uanna provides support for connecting with fans and customers through social media. We can directly translate from existing accounts or create new content for you. Past clients include popular tourism destinations, traditional companies, and government entities. Client uanna Date April 25, 2020 Categories Work Tags tourism,...

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オンライン体験開発 Home introduction Uanna helped develop, promote, and host the Fuma Ninja Online Experience with the Odawara Tourism Board. This experience was adapted to the allow users to travel virtually to Japan during COVID-19. The program received acclaim and publicity from sources like the BBC, Japan Today, Channel 4,...

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観光調査報告書 Home introduction Uanna helped the town on Tsuru, Yamanashi develop their tourism by helping evaluate, test, and create programs that centered on the nature and agriculture of the town. Client uanna Date April 25, 2020 Categories This post has no category yet! Tags masonry, tourism, 観光 Next Projectsmagic...

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